We are doing Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party on Friday again this year. We would love to be able to do it on a Tuesday again, but for whatever reason they have stopped having the parties on that Tuesday. Not completely sure why.

Anyways after playing around online I told The Hubs that he and Belle should do the Pirates League the night of the party. Or actually afternoon since it closes at 4 I believe. I thought for sure he would have been against it and say no. Instead he emailed me back and said yes. I was shocked. I did not expect that answer at all.

We did some research on it. First starting with reading about it on our favorite Disney forum. Then The Hubs did his research by finding Youtube videos of it. It looks like a lot of fun and I am so excited that Belle and The Hubs get to share this experience together. I will be the photographer and videographer all in one. I asked Belle if she wanted to made up like a pirate with daddy. She said yes, a pink one. Lucky for her we can easily do that. Why do I see us coming home with more costumes this trip?

Today was our 180 day mark so we were able to book almost all of our reservations. There is one that we can’t book until the actual 180 day mark of that day, which is Saturday. We also cannot book Cape May at this time as it is not in the system, we think it’s because of the refurb. After discussing all of our reservations we decided not to go ahead with Cape May anyways. We like it and it would have been nice since it is on our resort day, but we have A LOT of breakfasts. We are going to swap it out for a dinner either at a resort or in Epcot since we are within walking distance. We would like something new to us, but not really sure what we want just yet.

The Hubs called at 7 and booked Belle’s Bippidi Boppidi Boutique appointment and their Pirate’s League appointments as well. I am so excited. Everything is starting to get booked, we can finish planning and then I can start stressing over the packing list and start picking stuff up for our trip.

Once we have decided on our last dinner I will post all of our reservations and our plans for each day.


Then and Now

I stated before that this trip is a big trip with the fact that we are celebrating two separate occasions. One of them being our 5 year wedding anniversary. Saturday when we check into Disney in our anniversary. Did you know that The Hubs and I went to Disney on our honeymoon. We stayed in the Beach Club Villa’s and were there for 8 days and 9 nights. Sounding familiar yet?

Yup, We will be staying at the same resort we stayed at on our honeymoon in a villa again. We will be there for the exact same dates that we were there on our honeymoon. What is really freaky about the whole thing is that the dates line up exactly. On our honeymoon we arrived on September 30th, this year we arrive on the 29th. Because of the different arrival dates we will not be doing the same parks on the same days. With the exception of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

It’s freaky to think about that on Friday October 5th at 7pm, we will be at the same place doing the same thing we were exactly 5 years earlier. It’s freaky just to think that 5 years prior we were in Disney World at that same moment.

And how 5 years changes so much. 5 years ago we were newlyweds enjoying an amazing honeymoon planning our trip back the following year. And now 5 years later we have a toddler with us who adores Minnie Mouse and talks everyday about riding Dumbo again.

I am so excited for our trip and can’t wait for it to get here. It’s going to be such a fun trip.

I don’t think we are going to have any luck this year when it comes to pin codes and offers. The Hubs was on the phone this morning for an hour and half and we were not able to get free dining. The CM offered to switch us to the Boardwalk Villas, but we’re just not fans of it. And honestly, that clown freaks me out!

So The Hubs kept our reservation at the Beach Club Villas. While emailing about it this morning I decided to play around on the website to see what was available. Grand Floridian was available and if we did a standard view cheaper then what we are paying now. Then we priced a theme park room and that is equal to what we are paying right now.

We discussed our options, do we take this opportunity and stay at the Grand Floridian in a theme park view? Or do we stay at our “home”. I have always wanted to stay at Grand Floridian and The Hubs will stay there if it’s a theme park view. We both were really looking forward to going back to Beach Club. We missed it a lot last trip and our whole trip is planned (yes it’s is pretty much completely planned at this point) with us staying at beach Club. Yes it would be easy to change plans. We would end up dropping both Cape May breakfast and Beaches n Cream lunch.

But we have about 3 ½ planned days at Magic Kingdom, 2 of them being early mornings. So maybe it would be better for us to switch to Grand Floridian. After reading stuff online and going back to the Beach Club thread, I made the decision that we are going to stay at Beach Club this trip.

The trip is planned, and I tried to make a new plan for the Grand Floridian and I just couldn’t focus on it. It wasn’t making me happy. If we did Grand Floridian we would be giving up a 1 bedroom villa with a full kitchen, in room laundry, and awesome pool for 2 of our pool days, and a separate room for Belle, all for a view of the castle. Don’t get me wrong, it is probably breath taking and like nothing else. But what we would be giving up to make our trip enjoyable for us wasn’t worth it.

Besides, this isn’t our last trip, by a long shot. Grand Floridian isn’t going anywhere, in fact they are building villas so we know we will be there at some point. Just not this year.

My New Toy!

7 more months to go and we will be Disney World. Not that I am wish summer away before it has even gotten here, but is it September yet? In just over a month we get to make our dinning reservations.

We are pretty set on what we want this year and I think we have pinpointed the time frames we want as well. I have started working on our packing list. I took the one from last year that is saved on my computer and wiped out all of my check marks. I also went through and deleted what we won’t need this year like diapers (fingers crossed) and a pack n play. But I will have new things to pack this year, like a brand new camera and camera bag!

I am so so excited. The Hubs received his bonus letter this week and it was much larger than we had anticipated. Because of this all three of us get a little present, plus some of it towards Disney and to pay bills. My present that The Hubs decided on  was a new DSLR camera that I have been drooling over every time we are in an electronics store. Since I have never used on before and really have no clue what I am doing when I look at one I decided on the Canon Rebel T3i. Perfect for a newbie like me.

Which now means we are trying to figure out how we want to carry it in the parks. I mainly wanted this camera to get great pictures of the kiddo but I also can’t wait to take it to Disney and get some awesome pictures. I don’t plan on bringing it to the parks every day. Probably just the first day at Magic Kingdom, Belle’s birthday, possibly the Halloween party, and definitely Epcot for World Showcase. And to try and get some great shots of Beach Club and the Boardwalk.

Any ways, totally keep getting off of topic here. We are park bag people. The Hubs and I use one together. It’s a black drawstring bag that we got when we were there in 2008. We keep our point and shoot camera in it, The Hubs wallet (sometimes; mainly when we are on rides) cell phones, sunglasses, ponchos, and my little things like sun block, chap stick, small hand sanitizer, and a small hair brush and hair ties. Throughout the day things get thrown in the bag to the point that we have to clean it out every night at the resort. Receipts, desserts from counter services we don’t eat, napkins. You know random stuff.

We also have a small bag for Belle. She (hopefully!) will not be in diapers anymore when we go, so no diapers to carry into the parks. I will still carry wipes for easy clean up, and her beloved boggie wipes (umm those things are awesome by the way for little noses!), a change of clothes, snacks (because our kid would rather eat one meal and then snack all day, seriously), and some sippys. Still need to carry quite a bit for the kiddo. She is only going to be three. Oh and her travel potty seat is a must. That leaves us with two bags.

And now the camera bag. I am looking at messenger style bags that way if on rides that we carry both bags I can just throw on the camera bag and on most rides I can wear it. And any rides that I would be remotely worried the kiddo can’t go on so someone will always be with the stroller.

So in a nut shell, we will have a numerous amount of bags to carry. Maybe we should rethink our strategy better. Thank God for the stroller still!!

Going Home!

Well it’s official. We booked our trip back to the World last week. I am over the moon that we were able to book a one bedroom at Beach Club during food and wine. The day we check in is also the wine and dine marathon. So I am very happy that we were able to get into an Epcot resort.

We ended up not being able to use our code. Which we figured since the last day of check in for the code was two days before we got there. If it wasn’t we would have fought over this one. I received a mailer with a pin code in my maiden name. When we tried to run quotes with it on the website they provided it wouldn’t come up, at all. When we called the cast member had a really hard time trying to find a code attached to my name, maiden and married. We gave her the pin code and apparently it was supposed to be attached to my mom’s name and not mine. If we would have been able to use it with our dates we probably would have fought it since it was sent to my name but we couldn’t use it anyways. Oh well. We are still booked.

We also changed our plans for our trip down and back. The Hubs likes driving down and having the car on property. He prefers it to flying so we drive down. It’s not a bad drive and we can actually do it in a day and a half. This year The Hubs has to take two weeks of vacation time together and well with a large conversion happening in the beginning of the summer at my office I have 5 weeks blacked out from vacation time. So we decided to leave a day earlier than planned. We were going to leave on Friday morning and arrive late afternoon on Saturday in Disney. Instead we are leaving Thursday morning and arriving later afternoon on Friday in Orlando/Kissimmee.

This is great news for our arrival day. Now we won’t be getting to Disney in the late afternoon and The Hubs won’t be tired because he drove all day. We will be able to check in first thing Saturday morning and lounge at the pool before our rope drop morning at Magic Kingdom.

On the way home we will still leave Sunday morning (no parks this day, which is sad) and get home on Monday but I won’t feel rushed or in a hurry on Sunday to get out of the hotel by 6 and to get home at a decent time on Monday because we both took off Tuesday from work as well. I can unpack and unwind a full day before heading back to work. I am liking our new plan.

The planning has begun and I think we are set on our dinning reservations this year. Which is a big change from last year since we couldn’t decide on a couple. We have a very big day in the middle of our trip, and we will be there yet again for the Food and Wine Festival and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

This is going to be a great trip! Only 7 months and 5 days to go, or 218 days. That seems so long.

Booking Day!

Quick update, we are booking our trip tonight. Our tax return came in today which means we get to use our pin code. It expires today and I am so glad we get to use it! There are a couple issues with the pin code (it’s in my maiden name) so we have to call to book it, which means we can’t book until we get home from work tonight.

Which in the end means that I cannot wait to get home and book our vacation. And also means I cannot concentrate at work, at all.

I am so excited!

Here We Go Again

I know I have been MIA for a while again. With the holidays and just catching up on life my vacation home got left in the dust. But it is that time of year again. Disney booking time. I am super excited for this trip. Last year the whole time we were there, The Hubs kept insisting we go back to deluxe for this year’s trip. Well, we are. We are going back to Beach Club. We missed it immensely. The pool, the ambiance, the room, the balcony. I can go on and on.

So in other words we are going back to Beach Club this year and we are getting a one bedroom villa. With a going to be three year old the full kitchen will be nice to have for breakfast. We aren’t going breakfast every day so to have the ability to make something up quickly for the little one will be nice. The Hubs and I are really excited to have a separate bedroom so this year when we are back in the room we won’t have to go to bed with Belle at 9:00. Or we can sit out on the balcony for a little bit after she is in bed. Also, the laundry. I love having the washer and dryer in our room again. I can throw a load in the washer before we leave for the day and switch it when we get back. No worries. And I will be packing clean laundry to come home with and no laundry to do when we get home.

This trip is actually going to be entirely different than last year. We are actually going back to our normal trips. Ok, that probably makes no sense but it does in my head. We are still driving down but will get there on Saturday instead of Sunday and leave on Sunday instead of Saturday this year. Bringing us back to an 8 day, 9 night stay. You can never go wrong with more time in the World.

Our dates for this year’s trip are from September 29th to October 7th. With more days we are able to spend three full days at Magic Kingdom. Not sure if we will but we will definitely do 2 full days plus the Halloween party. Our last day will start at Magic Kingdom and end at Magic Kingdom. What we do in between will most likely be determined when we are down there.

But I am getting  ahead of myself and our plans are for another post. This is a big trip this year. It will be our first vacation just the three of us. Grandma will not be coming with us this year. Also, a little girl will be turning three in the middle of our trip. Big day planned for her! Plus on our arrival day is The Hubs’ and myself 5 year wedding anniversary. So big trip indeed.

Within the next week we will be booking. I am so so excited and I cannot wait to book. With a new trip to plan now underway hopefully I will be better and keeping everything up to date here.

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