Our 180 day mark is on Wednesday. Yay! I am so excited that things are starting to get moving with our trip. Our restaurant choices have changed a few times since we started talking about this trip as well has what days we are doing what park. We still have two restaurants to pick out before Wednesday so we will see how this goes. With not checking in until Monday this year it threw off our normal game plan. Plus Belle’s birthday on Thursday made our days a little wonky. But it works. We also decided to skip Animal Kingdom this year. While we love Tusker House, and the safari and of course Everest, it would be too much with a 3 month old and Belle still won’t be tall enough to ride most of the rides. So we opted for a resort pool day instead and honestly it helped with the race on Saturday and I think our trip will be very relaxing this time around.

Ok, so here is what we have planned so far.


Check In

DTD for dinner, either Earls or Wolfgang Puck Express



Magic Kingdom

Liberty Tree Tavern for dinner



Resort Day

Cape May for breakfast

We have a few choices including Captain’s Grill, Kona, Olivia’s



Belle’s Birthday

Magic Kingdom

BBB first thing in the morning

1900 Park Fare for dinner



Hollywood Studios

Hollywood and Vine for breakfast

Ohana for dinner



Resort Day/Race Day

Cape May for dinner



Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Pirate’s League at about 2:30

Be Our Guest for an early dinner (hoping)




Are choices are Garden Grill, Via Napoli, Tutto Ittalia, Beirgarten


We are paying for one meal out of pocket since we will only have 8 TS credits on the dinning plan. If we don’t get Be Our Guest we will just do a counter service that night since it is the Halloween party and use the last credit for dinner in Epcot on Monday.

Hopefully we can decide what we want our 2 open reservations to be before we have to make our reservations. Out of the 7 options they would all be new to us but Tutto Ittalia. We did that one back in 2008. We loved it and I would love to go back but wouldn’t mind trying a new restaurant either. Although, we do have 4 new restaurants that are definite on our list. Our dinner choices for Wednesday are all new to us, as is Hollywood and Vine, Cape May for dinner, and Be Our Guest. So we could do a new restaurant on Monday as well, or stick with something we know and love. Wish us luck on trying to decide. I will let everyone know what we end up with on Wednesday.


It’s been months since I have been around these parts. It has been crazy around here since we came home from our trip in October. We have had a lot of family things that fell upon us. I decided to take a break from blogging and writing from here and my home blog. It was something I had to do.

I do have some big non Disney related news. We are adding to our family! Another baby girl will join our family this June. We are excited and scared all at the same time. So many emotions this time around.

But let’s talk Disney. We had a great trip and at some point I will sit down and talk about it. We had so much fun just the three of us for the first and last time in Disney. We love being Vacation Club Owners and seriously we should have done it 5 years ago when we first talked about it. Belle had an amazing birthday in Disney filled with tons of Princesses and Princess activities. We had great pirate time at the Halloween party. And I am glad we tried some new restaurants that we had never tried before, including amazing seats front row for the Wishes Dessert Party.

We have another trip planned for this September/ October, our usual time of year. We had to change the days that we usually go because we have a wedding on Saturday when we would normally be checking in. I didn’t want to change our week because we get to hit it before fall school breaks, before Columbus Day, and we didn’t want to miss Belle’s birthday. So instead we will leave early Sunday morning, yes after being at a wedding all day and check in some time on Monday. Our drive down has always been easy and a great time, even last year when Belle got sick on the way down and the way back. I am nervous this year to do it with a 3 month old. Wish us luck!

We will then be in Disney until the following week checking out on Tuesday. This means we will be there for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler again this year. By the time we found out about it last year it was already sold out so The Hubs settled for the 5K. This year he registered for it right away. Belle will again do the 200 meter dash. Thankfully before they announced the dates we already had Saturday as a resort day and Sunday all we were doing was the Halloween party at night. We will have a lot of down time for The Hubs to recoup after the race, and time on Saturday for him to relax and Belle to run again.

We are again staying at our home resort The Beach Club Villas. I love this place and I couldn’t be more happier that we bought in here. My mom is coming with us again and I love that with the vacation club we can take my mom with us. I love that she gets to experience Disney with Belle and now this little girl too. I love that The Hubs and I get to see Disney through Belle’s eyes and my mom gets to see it as well. My mom gets to spend Belle’s birthday with her in Disney. We will again do Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique on her birthday. We were going to do the castle for dinner but with the Halloween party that night and we have yet to get the dining plan we decided on 1900 Park Fare for her birthday dinner. Belle loved it last year and we did as well so we are excited to do that on her birthday. We are also thinking of having a cake made and sent to our room for her birthday as well.

I won’t get into all the details of our trip just yet but we are officially one week away from our 180 day mark to make all of our dining reservations. I will share what we are planning on and what we end up with. Fingers crossed for Be Our Guest!

I also want to share all the activities I made and put together for the driving part of our trip. I had so many activities put together for Belle that we barely even touched half of them. I will be scaling back this year. But there are plenty of ideas that you may get ideas from.

I promise to at least do a short recap of our trip with some pictures too. I am slowly starting to get back into this whole blogging thing. I am fully back up and running at my home blog so I should be able to pop in here and keep everyone up to date with our Disney lives.

And I will leave you with what my cute little Disney girl said to me last night. While painting in her playroom last night out of nowhere Belle asked me if we are going to go back to Disney. I told her yes we are going to go back. She then responded with good, cause I miss it. That’s my girl, she is going to be a Disney freak just like her mommy and daddy!

10 More Days

In 10 days from today we check into our home away from home. Our first time staying as vacation club members! Which means we leave home in just 8 days since we are driving again. 8 days. Plus, Belle’s third birthday party is on Sunday just 4 days from now, 3 days before we leave.

Can I just say crazy! The only things I have done for our trip right now is the tote of car supplies for Belle, and that’s not totally ready yet.

Since I last updated we have added one more reservation. On Belle’s birthday we decided to skip dinner and go right for dessert. We booked the Wishes Dessert Party on the night of her birthday. She is going to have such an amazing Birthday. I am so excited.

Since Belle seems to be obsessed with stuffed animals lately we decided to get her the Duffy Bear while we are down there and give it to her on her Birthday. Among some other things we will pick up as well.

I am packing some decorations so we can decorate the villa for her birthday.  The day before her birthday is own down day. I haven’t decided if I want to decorate while her and The Hubs are down at the pool or try and decorate Tuesday night while she is sleeping. It will most likely be a decision I make that day.

I mentioned before that I have a tote of stuff for Belle in the car on the ride down. A ton of stuff and I can’t wait until it’s done to share with you. I have been picking stuff up for a while and between making party decorations I have been making some activites for the car. I don’t think I will be able to post it before we leave but will when we get back and with details of how each one went over. I have tried 2 of them out already with Belle and she has loved them. Hopefully she likes them just as much in the car.

This post is all over the place which is basically where I am at right now. All over the place trying to get everything ready and put together. I haven’t even had the chance to think about packing yet. Wish me luck this next week! I think I might need it.

100 Day Mark!

Today is the 100 day mark until our trip. Tomorrow we will be down to double digits. Which means the trip is going to come up quick now. With summer here and activities and plans filling our weekends our trip will be here before we know it.

To say I am excited for this trip will be an understatement. I really cannot wait. The Hubs and I were talking over the weekend about the trip (we talk everyday about it) and I mentioned that I have been waiting for this trip since Belle was born. I can’t wait to take Belle on her third birthday to the Magic Kingdom. We will spend the morning having her made up like a Princess at the Bippidi Boppidi Boutique then head to breakfast with Cinderella and the princesses in the castle. The day will then be Belle’s. Whatever she wants to ride and do it’s all about her that day.

The day we check in The Hubs is doing his first 5K since he started running again, and it just happens to be our 5 year wedding anniversary.

I can’t wait to see the new Storybook Circus, and ride the new Dumbo. Belle will be tall enough to go on the Barnstormer and hopefully the rumors are true and Belle will be able to meet Pete and Clarabelle. She loves them on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

I am hoping for some Doc McStuffins merch to be in the parks by then as this kid is CRAZY about that show. She loves it. I was going to preorder her one of the dolls from Toys R Us and all the preorders on all of the toys are sold out already. I am hoping we will be able to get something at the store once it is released.

100 more days until we return home.

I know it’s been awhile since I have posted, with summer quickly approaching we have been super busy. But good news, we closed on Friday with Disney Vacation Club. We are officially members and will have our first points trip this September. I cannot wait. 103 days to go!!

The Hubs has started running again and it so happens to be a race weekend when we arrive in Disney. Unfortunately to Tower of Terror 10 Miler has already sold out, but The Hubs decided he wanted to do the 5K, after some pushing from me. They also have kid races so we are signing Belle up for the 100M Dash. It’s going to be a great start to our trip.

The Hubs pulled up some youtube videos and has been reading all about the Disney marathons for the past week now. We found out a lot of the 5K’s are family fun runs and are done in the parks. Sadly, the Happy Haunts 5K is done at Wide World of Sports Complex over different terrains so no jogging strollers are allowed. Which means that I don’t get to run with him.

The Hubs goal now is in the next few years to be able to do the half or even full marathon. I am so proud of him. He will love it.

We are really lucky that the timing works out pretty well for us too. The 5K is at 7:30 in the morning on the day we check in. Luckily for us we should be in Kissimmee or Downtown Disney (we haven’t decided where to stay yet) Friday afternoon. We are going to grab dinner from Earls and then go and pick up his packet from the sports complex before calling it a night since we have to be up early.

But now The Hubs is thinking we should leave and get most of the driving done at night when Belle is sleeping. Which is what I have been saying from the start! But anyways, so now we are discussing leaving sometime Wednesday night which would get us into Disney earlier on Friday and give us a little more time. We would like to take a walk around the expo when we go to pick up his packet.

So our travel plans are a little up in the air right now but we will arrive sometime on Friday. The Hubs wants to spend Friday night at a Downtown Disney hotel, I am totally for it. We will be on property to make getting everywhere a little easier come Saturday. And well there is something about being on Disney property.

And of course there is dinner at Earl’s. Who wouldn’t be excited for that??

Big News!!!!

I have been pretty quiet around here lately and it’s mainly because we have some really big news. But I didn’t want to say anything to early and wanted to wait until everything was done and sure thing. Ready????


As of yesterday we are officially Disney Vacation Club Members and owners of Beach Club Villas. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited! The Hubs and I have been talking and thinking about this for 5 years now. Yes, 5 years. I knew I was a Disney fan from my trip in 2004. I could not wait to go back with The Hubs (who was just a boyfriend at that point). The Hubs wanted to go and it was a no brainer where we would go for our honeymoon.

We had a perfect honeymoon and I think The Hubs had the Disney bug as soon as we stepped on the Magical Express. We did the tour of the Vacation Club on our honeymoon but decided to talk about it more at home. Away from Disney and the magic. I think at that moment it was a smart move for us.

But now that we have Belle and have at least 3 “Disney” trips planned in the next 3 years we knew we would be dumb not to buy in. So last month we finally made the phone call and put down a deposit. And now our trip in September is all on our points. Everything is all set and now all we have to do is buy our park tickets and the dining plan since we already have all of our reservations. The Hubs talked with a cast member and we still have all of our dining reservations and nothing will be touched with all of those either.

We bought resale into Beach Club which was an easy choice for us. We love the resort. It’s so calm and beautiful. We love the location of it. Just a 5 minute walk to Epcot or a nice boat ride to Hollywood Studios. The boardwalk is great any time of the day as well. Early morning for a quiet stroll, or in the evening with all the street performers out and about. And of course the pool. Who could deny Storm Along Bay as the best pool on Disney property. With a little princess and the fact we like resort/pool days this was an easy choice for us.

I can’t wait in the years to come to try out all the resorts on our want to stay at list. We have been talking about Wilderness Lodge for a few years now. Always on our list every trip. Plus Old Key West, Animal Kingdom Lodge, Boardwalk, and what I absolutely cannot wait for the new villas at the Grand Floridian!!

And our trip next year? We’re not going to Disney. Nope, instead we are going to Hawaii and staying at Aulani.  

This is a decision long time coming, and I am super excited about it!!!

It is official, as of yesterday we now have all of our reservations made. All of them, and we got everything we wanted, even hard to get restaurants with prime seating times.

I am excited for the lineup that we have this year. We have our old favorites and some new ones that I am really excited to try out this year. At some point last week we realized that Epcot’s 30th anniversary is on the 1st. I brushed it off not really thinking much of it. Yes we will be there, but just like last year for Magic Kingdom’s 40th, it wouldn’t affect us much. Well, after looking over our reservations and plans this past weekend we are going to be in Epcot on the 1st. Opps. We are fine with it. We have our plans and our reservations for everything we wanted. We will also be in the park before it opens because of breakfast. We thought about pushing up our breakfast time but all that is left is past 9am. So we are leaving what we have.

Anyways onto our reservations for this trip.

Saturday 9/29
Arrival Day
No reservations

Sunday 9/30
Magic Kingdom
Liberty Tree Tavern  5:10pm

Monday 10/1
Akershus Royal Banquet Hall  8:30am
Les Chefs de France  2:20pm

Tuesday 10/2
Resort/Pool Day
Lunch at some point at Beaches n Cream
1900 Park Fare  6:05pm

Wednesday 10/3
Belle’s Birthday Bash!!!!
Bippidi Boppidi Boutique  8:05am
Cinderella’s Royal Table  10:20am

Thursday 10/4
Hollywood Studios
Mickey’s Backyard BBQ  6:30pm

Friday 10/5
Animal Kingdom/Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party
Tusker House  8:30am
Pirates League  2:50pm

Saturday 10/6
Last Day
Crystal Palace  8:10am
‘Ohana  5:00pm

I am really excited for the restaurants we chose this year. I have been wanting to try Les Chefs de France so I am so happy we decided to go with it. That will also be the first time we have done lunch for a sit down. Our table services are usually reserved for just breakfast and dinner. But we both really liked the lunch menu so we decided on lunch. And well if we are hungry at night there is always the food and wine festival. I am super excited for all the meal times we got as well. We got a lot of prime seating times, like ‘Ohanas at opening, first appointment for BBB, and great breakfast times all before park opening. And the coveted Cinderella’s Royal Table.

I am really really hoping that the Be Our Guest Restaurant will be open when we go. I would love to try and get in there for dinner on Belle’s birthday. Two castle meals in one day? What more could a Princess ask for.

So that is our reservations and basically the run down on our park days. Now that the reservations our done I can focus on each day. With the most time spent on Belle’s birthday. Plus I want to spend some time figuring out our Animal Kingdom day and the Halloween party now that we threw in Pirates League for Belle and The Hubs. Yup, The Hubs is going to do Pirates League with Belle for the Halloween party. She keeps telling me that daddy is going to be Captain Hook and she is going to be a pink pirate. Too cute!

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